Lower Shore Progressive Caucus 2019 Legislative Agenda

Legislative Agenda 2019


Priority Legislation Issues

  1. Medicare for All/Single Payer Health Care
  2. A Minimum Wage increase to $15 an HR  
  3. Debt Free Higher Education for 4-year institutions.
  4. Trust Act
  5. Community Healthy Air Act

Other Supported Legislation

  1. Economic Issues
  • Worker Rights
  1. Collective bargaining for community college workers
  2. Statewide collective bargaining for local government workers
  3. Overtime for low-income salaried employees
  • College Debt forgiveness
  • Oppose the construction of the new Redskins stadium at Oxon Cove Park.
  • Create a Prescription Drug Affordability Board.


  1. Racial Issues
    • Criminal Justice Reform
      1. Ending the Bail system in Maryland
      2. Elimination of mandatory minimum sentencing
      3. Revamp of State k-12 school funding formula, including new school reforms
      4. Juvenile Justice Reform  
      5. Legalization of Marijuana
    • Ban the use of Nooses and Swastika to threaten or intimidate (HB-04)  
    • “U-Visa” bill that would provide a pathway to citizenship for victims of crime who cooperate with local law enforcement.
    • Removing Winder Sign from Wicomico County House (local issue Wicomico County)


  1. Environmental
    • Support the construction of the Wind Projects off the coast of Ocean City
    • Oppose the Eastern Shore Natural Gas Pipeline plan.
    • Increase Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) of 50% by 2030
    • Green Amendment that will set forth the inalienable right to a clean environment
    • Community Solar Legislation to expand the process of having citizens invest in solar farms
    • Ban single-use plastics


  1. Democracy Initiatives
    • Support Rank Choice Voting initiatives on the Lower Shore
    • Small donor public financed election on the Lower Shore
    • Constitutional Amendment Repealing Citizens United
    • Non-Partisan district reform


  1. Other
    • Ban untraceable 3D guns

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