The Case for Todd Nock

“As a local community leader and as an educator, Todd Nock has worked to improve the lives of Pocomoke residents his entire life.  Councilmember Todd Nock is deeply rooted in Pocomoke’s vibrant community and committed to bettering the lives of the families who call the city home. Councilmember Nock’s work to reach across the political divide and build consensus with people of all backgrounds has resulted in him being selected to serve as Vice President of the Pocomoke Town Council and the District Vice President representing District 1 at the Maryland Municipal League. Since being elected the youngest representative to the council in City history, Councilmember Nock has brought the community together to address racial injustices, improved community safety, and has improved the city’s economic conditions. These achievements show exactly why Councilman Nock is in a good position to be reelected on 4/6. I have seen the enormous good Councilmember Nock has done for his community first hand, and I look forward to continuing our shared work on behalf of the working people of Pocomoke.” – LSPC Chair Jared Schablein 

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During his first term in office, Councilmember Nock is already fulfilling promises and working hard for Pocomoke. As an educator, son, and community leader with deep roots in Pocomoke, Councilmember Nock has spent his career listening to and helping solve problems with hundreds of constituents and their families from Pocomoke and across the entire Lower Shore. 

Since being elected to the City Council, He has brought that same dedication and understanding to his work in City government, hosting and participating in events across the district and championing legislation to bring the community together to address racial injustices, creating a safer community, and improving the economic conditions of the city.  


As a young black man in America, Councilman Nock knows firsthand the systematic racism in our society. After George Floyd's death this past summer, millions of Americans, including many in Pocomoke’s 4th district, were hurting and demanding change in our broken criminal justice system. Understanding the pain of his district and the City at large, Councilmember Nock showed that he was a great unifying force by springing into action and leading a peaceful march and vigil alongside members of the Pocomoke Police Department. George Floyd's death led to hyperpartisanship and no sustainable action to address the issue in many communities around the country, yet Councilmember Nock’s event successfully brought the community together to grieve and work with local authorities to start developing policies to prevent future acts of brutality.  

Over his first term, Councilmember Nock has been laser-focused on addressing racial injustices both in the city and at the state level. Councilmember Nock introduced an ordinance to make Juneteenth an official holiday in Pocomoke, lead the effort to create a youth advisory committee to empower the city’s youth, and built local support for criminal justice reform bills in Annapolis.  

As the only black man on the City Council, Todd brings a critical voice to issues related to racial justice. And as a community leader who has worked to bring the community together to create a more just society, Todd understands what changes need to be made to make our city and community work better for people of all backgrounds. 

Public safety is a top concern for any municipal government and during his first term, Councilmember Nock has worked to drastically improve public safety in Pocomoke. In addition to promoting policies to ensure that the city of Pocomoke is a just place for all, Councilmember Nock has also worked tirelessly to create a safe community for all residents

One way Councilmember Nock has created a safer community for Pocomoke is by serving as a liaison to build trust between the police department and his district. Bringing the community and local law enforcement together and giving an effective way for the community and the department to communicate with each other has resulted in the increased trust from the community-at-large in the local police department, given the police a way to give information more effectively to residents, and given the community a way to address concerns with the department in a manner that can result in those concerns being addressed. Through his work as a community liaison, Councilmember Nock has built a close relationship with Pocomoke City Police Chief Lee Brumley and other leaders within the department.  This relationship has resulted in a better serving department and the ability to create local programs to improve public safety in Pocomoke.  

In addition, Councilmember Nock has created a safer community by assisting in the effort to restart the City’s Neighborhood Watch Program. By restarting this program, Councilmember Nock has helped to bond the community together through service to the community and the shared goal of keeping the community safe. The joint service and shared values create a more unified community that works together to get things done. 

Another benefit of Councilmember Nock restarting this program is the training it provides to Pocomoke’s residents and the city’s local law enforcement.  The neighborhood watch program helps to unite the law enforcement officers, private organizations, and individual residents in Pocomoke to reduce crime and improve the local community through cooperation and communication. 

Finally Councilmember Nock has created a safer community by leading the effort to create a Safe Place Initiative for the City of Pocomoke. Living in a rural community where everyone knows each other is fantastic. Unfortunately, it has its drawbacks especially when it comes to reporting crimes. Living in a community where everyone knows each other like Pocomoke makes it more difficult to report a crime in a safe and discreet manner. When community members see a crime or could provide tips helpful to the local police but do not feel they can safely report it knowing it will be confidential, they are unlikely to report what they know. This is devastating to local law enforcement because it keeps them from vital information they need to effectively do their job. 

Councilmember Nock’s Safe Place Initiative brought local businesses and the Police department together to address this problem by allowing residents to report crimes at downtown businesses. Through this program, residents can safely report crimes in the community without the fear of having it be traced back to them ensuring that vital information to prevent and solve crime makes it to the police. 

Councilmember Nock knows that a strong local economy is vital to improving the life of residents and the overall quality of the city.  That is why Councilmember Nock has created and served on multiple commissions and committees in Pocomoke to promote economic growth and support the local economy.  Under his leadership, Pocomoke has made efforts to beautify the community, create new recreational activities for the city,  and find new ways to create economic growth. Councilmember Nock is focused on using these committees to help build a more robust local economy post-covid and bring more good-paying jobs and business to the 4th district and city at-large.

In 2018, the Pocomoke City Council was in desperate need of new ideas and a new generation of local leaders. Councilmember Nock fulfilled those needs and offered the residents of Pocomoke’s 4th district a better path forward. It was because of this new vision that Councilmember Nock was able to win a hotly contested election. Councilmember Todd Nock has strong prospects for re-election and should be elected for a second term by the voters of Pocomoke’s 4th district in order to build upon his good work. 

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