A Progressive Love Letter to Somerset County

So I have been reading Obama's The Audacity of Hope.

Based on what is going on right now, I'm having a hard time seeing where the hope fits in. From what I can glean from history, once LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 this pissed off a whole segment of our country (the white supremacist God, guns & country segment) who had previously supported the New Deal vision of fair wages and benefits, patronage and public works, and an ever-rising standard of living for Americans. Suddenly, this segment of America decided that the New Deal vision of fair wages and benefits, patronage and public works, and an ever-rising standard of living should be for only some Americans, not all Americans.

I live in an area where the majority of the population represent the God, guns & country vision of America, one where minority folks do not enjoy the same privileges as many, if not most, of their white counterparts. Although I vote and campaign for progressive ideals, I live in Trump country.

Interestingly enough, this area and specifically Somerset County, used to be economically successful and a bright spot in Maryland. Yet, decades of keeping certain people in charge, not adapting as the market changed, not allowing for new growth, calling people who migrated to the area 'Come Heres', and keeping things the same, has resulted in economic decline for Somerset County, specifically for Crisfield, MD. Many people in Crisfield have tried to bring new business, arts, tourism, etc. to the community. Over my 15 years living here, although there have been small successes, the community is still just hanging on.

I am a true believer that the outward appearance of a community is a big deal when people visit Crisfield. If you provide a welcoming appearance to all visitors, and treat all newcomers with open arms (regardless of their color, race, sexual orientation, religion, previous geographic home), you are more likely to see economic circumstances improve.

Instead, when you are driving into Crisfield by the main route (Hwy 413) , tourists and would be newcomers must pass a business that not only openly supported Trump, but also has maintained a political statement displaying an actual wreck with a Trump truck driving over a 'Dems' economy car. Not only does this business, Southern Connection, have this hateful eyesore, but since Trump lost the November 3rd presidential election, the business now displays a message on it's electronic sign for all visitors to see on their way into town & on their way out of town.

What is the message, you ask? It is a message urging the community to fight for Trump and it reads: TRUMP 2020-Free men don't ask permission -- Fight for TRUMP.

I can tell you that anyone who truly cares about America and ALL of her citizens would not want this to be the message that visitors see on the way into their community.

Don't get me wrong, the owner of this business is free to display this and he has displayed it for several weeks now. I can tell you that people who really want Crisfield to improve economically, socially, and spiritually, should speak out against this type of sedition.


Sedition is the act of encouraging rebellion against the government, or an action that promotes such rebellion, such as through speech or writing.

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  • Laurie Troop-Curtis
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