Lower Shore Progressive Caucus endorses Jessica Scarane for Senate.

Lower Shore Progressive Caucus endorses Jessica Scarane for Senate. 


SALISBURY, MD (July 13, 2020) -- This year, members of the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus voted to support several progressive candidates running for office. With this goal in mind, we encourage all our friends on the Delaware side of the Eastern Shore to support progressive champion Jessica Scarane in her bid to unseat conservative, pro-corporateSenator Chris Coons in the 2020 Democratic Primary on September 15th.

Jessica Scarane is the fresh new leadership that Delaware and the United States Senate desperately need after decades of massive wealth inequality, corporate pollution and climate change, an affordable housing crisis, and mass incarceration. Jessica’s campaign is a grassroots, people-funded movement that rejects all corporate PAC money. She is running on a platform that includes Medicare for All, a universal housing guarantee, a Green New Deal, and ending our nation’s endless wars These policies are crucial in America’s recovery effort from the COVID-19 pandemic and are critical for helping us build a better country and world.


Scarane is challenging incumbent senator Chris Coons, who has spent his tenure in office compromising with Republicans on the backs of the most vulnerable. His vision of what is politically possible is far too small for the times we’re in. Senator Coons has confirmed over 120 of Trump's far-right judges and several key Trump cabinet appointees, pushed to keep troops in Afghanistan, and publicly opposes many of the policies in the Delaware Democratic Party state platform, including a $15/hour minimum wage and strengthening Dodd Frank.

This election will decide the future of our country and the Delmarva Peninsula. It is important that Delaware has a Senator who reflects the state’s values and champions policies that will rebuild America’s economy with a people and worker-centered focus. Senator Chris Coons does not have the voting record, belief system, or leadership needed to achieve these goals. A vote for Jessica Scarane on September 15th is not only essential for Delaware, but for the entire Delmarva Peninsula and our country.

More information about Scarane’s campaign can be found at jessfordelaware.com.

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