Offshore wind will bring jobs to Salisbury

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Maryland’s Public Service Commission recently sought public comments on an issue that directly impacts Salisbury: offshore wind energy.

Salisbury is poised to be a central location for jobs serving the offshore wind projects under development off Maryland’s coast. The two projects, US Wind and Ørsted’s Skipjack Wind Farm, are expected to create 9,700 new jobs in Maryland in addition to creating enough clean energy for tens of thousands of homes.

Salisbury should welcome the opportunity to attract “green collar” energy jobs - good paying jobs that also contribute to a cleaner, greener energy future in Maryland.

Maryland has required that operations and maintenance jobs for those turbines be located on the Lower Shore. As newly-elected City Councilwoman for District 4, I will take all appropriate steps to help our city attract these jobs.

I encourage the Maryland Public Service Commission and state policymakers to let offshore wind jobs move forward without delay. Advancing clean energy is more than just statewide environmental priority – it’s also an economic priority for Salisbury.

Michele Gregory
Salisbury City Council District 4

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