The Voice of Stability during Covid-19: Salisbury's Mayor Jacob Day

The Voice of Stability during Covid-19: Salisbury's Mayor Jacob Day

The outbreak of Covid-19 has caused significant stress on all aspects of life. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs and struggle to operate what many would consider a healthy daily life. In addition to new daily stressors is the anxiety that comes from trying to figure out how we will continue to pay bills and avoid getting sick during these trying times. While millions struggle, the federal government has failed to put forth any meaningful response to provide aid to working-class people or slow the spread of this deadly disease.

Fortunately for us here on the Lower Eastern Shore, we have had a voice of stability and guidance in Mayor Jacob Day of Salisbury. Since this outbreak started, Mayor Day continues to relay crucial information that we need to stay safe and flatten the curve and to answer questions asked by the community via a daily video briefing on Facebook live.

Mayor Day has worked around the clock with our state and federal representatives to address things such as getting relief aid for our communities and ensuring constituents still get the state and federal resources they need.

Finally, Mayor Day has stepped up by implementing an emergency declaration to fight the spread of Covid-19 here. His orders include:

  • limiting the number of occupants who can be in retail or commercial facilities at one time;
  • prohibiting all self-serve foods and product sampling;
  • ensuring that cleaning guidelines set by the CDC and MDH are followed;
  • requiring a minimum of six feet of distance in lines, outside and inside stores; and
  • establishing 1 to 2 exclusive hours per day for high-risk populations, such as senior citizens and other high risk populations.

These measures will establish the conditions needed to reduce the spread of the disease and help keep the community safe. While the world around us exhibits instability and chaos due to the Covid-19 outbreak, it is reassuring to know that our community is taking action to fight this disease, and that we have the stability to overcome this all from calm leadership of Mayor Jacob Day.

Written by Jared Schablein

Chair of the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus

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